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Postcards & Hankies for Sale

About the Hankies
My good friend Paul, who lives in Washington D.C., asked me to contribute images of my glass and paintings for a project to raise funds for climate action. I first met Paul during my first Torpedo Factory residency in Alexandria, Virginia, and he hosted me during my second Torpedo Factory residency. He designed three of the hankies too. Order them here.
All profits from every sale go towards funding important climate action initiatives to help protect our planet for future generations.
About the Postcards

(sold out) Most of my stained glass works are owned by collectors, and not seen by the public, so I spent some bucks and printed one hundred sets of postcards of these works just for you. They feature my favorites from my ‘Simpsons series,’ my collaborations with R. Crumb, muscle men, Endora from Bewitched and Jackie O. Twenty-four stained glass works I made since 2012.

Each pack cost $24, has 24 different images.
Includes shipping in the USA. 

Thank you for those who bought these. You really helped support my art practice. 

- Joseph

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