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A set of 24 postcards of favorite stained glass works since 2012
24 Postcards for Sale

Most of my stained glass works are owned by collectors, and not seen by the public, so I spent some bucks and printed one hundred sets of postcards of these works just for you.

They feature my favorites from my ‘Simpsons series,’ my collaborations with R. Crumb, muscle men, Endora from Bewitched and Jackie O. Twenty-four stained glass works I made since 2012.


Great for sending a quick thank you to friends.

Each pack cost $24, has twenty four different images.
Includes shipping in the USA. 

To pay:


- Venmo is "Joseph Cavalieri" with my photo (below) with the yellow background.

- PayPal is listed under "" and has the same photo (below).

Or if you like email me at and we can do the order together.

Thank you for your support. - Joseph

Cavalieri Venmo
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